Båtbesiktning sydost/ Yacht Survey South East 

Member of Swedish Yacht Surveyor´s National Association

My name is Magnus Jansson, authorized surveyor and member of the Swedish Yacht Surveyor´s National Association (BBR). I have broad experience in operation and surveying smaller sailing and motor boats up to larger engine driven and sailing vessels.

Being authorized and member of BBR means that the surveyor:

- has relevant professional experience

- has been tested regarding theoretical and practical expertise

- completed an internship program under the guidance of a mentor before authorization

- follows a surveying methodology recognised by BBR

- undergoes education annually

- follows BBR's joint pricing guide

Assignments that I can assist with:

- condition survey, common when buying/selling, which determines the boat's status

- valuation

- breakdown inspection

- insurance matters

- technical consultation

Construction materials that I inspect:

- steel

- aluminum

- fiberglass laminate

- carbon fiber laminate

- wood

After a completed survey, the client is provided with a detailed protocol covering all inspection points as well as a summary judgement with recommendations. The protocol is the client's property and is not passed on to other stakeholders without the client's approval.

More information about BBR, price guide, authorization, etc is available at: www.batbesiktningsmannen.org